8 Ιαν 2022

HAPPY 2022! ...and our 2022 IkariaDance Project news!

 Hello dear friends, 

We wish you that 2022 brings back all that we missed during last year: embraces, hugs, partying and touching each other and dancing with strong hand holds! All this with joyful health! 

Since when we dance, we stay more healthy and joyful, we decided last year, in an extremely difficult time of the year in Ikaria due to the pandemic to organize a "short version" of IkariaDance 2021 with a few friends who made a strong circle of love and music. With our singers and students of Kaiti Koullia the ambiance was even greater and we soon found our old good habits: some wine, some nice discussions from the heart, some wonderful music with our marvelous musicians and ...the souls wanted to dance again in their "natural" setting! Nature is so wise, now we know it well! 

We are thankful to the people that came to Ikaria in summer 2021 in such a hard period for travelling and we are glad we tried to be together. 

With the optimistic feeling that summer 2022 shall be a lot better from a travelling and dancing point of view, hoping that the pandemic shall fade out gradually...we plan to start registrations for IkariaDance 2022. The team plans to be the same, hoping that we have a good number of participants so to be able to invite all dance teachers from all around! Kaiti shall host her singing workshop as all the previous years! And... we hope what all Ikarians hope: to live the experience of the panigiria again!

We really hope that we shall be able to do all these with your help and support and your nice words to our dancing friends around the world. 

Happy dancing 2022!

Christiana and Ikariadance friends

"The bagpipe plays well
if we find good friends to enjoy wine together
In this place
we make a feast in another way 
and despite the pandemic
we meet in Ikaria"

                                  Music with Dimitris, Xristina, Filippos, Enaut

                                                       Dancing in Nas

                                       Greek language cafe discussion with Christiana and Kostas

                                      Singing lesson with Seva and Etepo musicians

                                       From our Langada - Vrakades hiking trip with Angelos

                                   Percussion workshop with Christos and Etepo musicians by the sea...

                                     Our great taverna time in Argios

                                 With Kaiti and the parea in Vangelitsa tavern

and...the dance teachers' Dream Team ...Christos, Makis, Vangelis, Stephanos and our singers-dancers  Seva and Nikos and Emmanuela. We were so sorry Yannis and Nikos could not be with us this year due to the covid pandemic...but we wait for the 2022!

7 Ιαν 2021

Happy New Year 2021!

 Happy New Year 2021! Καλή χρονιά!

We wish that this year shall bring to all health, joy, laughter, love and the hugs and dances and music and human contact that we missed so much the last year!

We also really do hope that 2021 shall bring us our IkariaDance & Culture Project! We sincerely hope  to organise it in August 2021 : it all depends to the pandemic's evolution and the greek ministery regulations as for the organisation of festivities like panigiria and outdoor "glendia". We are optimistic that we shall be "free" to dance together in August! http://www.ikariadance.com/membre/index.php  For people that wish to join our closed community of the IkariaDance parea (friends) in Facebook, please do not hesitate to ask me to add you. 

For a new Year's present here are two beautiful Carols : the first for the New Year's Day (from Ikaria) and the second for  Epiphany Day (from Samos), a song presented last year. The first with our dearest friend Kaiti Koullia who participates in the Project and the second with the Domna Samiou Choir & Katerina Papadopoulou.



Christiana & IkariaDance parea


21 Δεκ 2020

Merry Christmas wishes from IkariaDance


We wish you Merry Christmas!! 
May these holidays be a "journey" of love and happiness inside ourselves and with our dear ones! Leaving this strange year behind, we would like to share our wishes with you next Sunday 27 December 21.00 greek time via Ζοοm. We have organised with the "Ikariadance parea" and Kaiti Koullia a wonderful short surprise that we want to share with you from our singing traditions! You are welcome to join and share your traditions with us, if you wish to do so... Shall be great to see you all from Greece and abroad! See you next Sunday!!!!
The following video is a song from a children's mythology album that Kaiti Koullia sings...it is not traditional but it is so beautiful... Here is a very draft translation of mine: 
"The song of love: Love is a boat, sailing up throught the light, sailing in wild seas...It is lost in the waves, it is endangered during the night, and it opens out its wings protecting all the weaknesses and showing courage. Love is a river, it is a road and a harbour and on the way, it is a swallow. Love is the only one that can sing the song of truth. It is the wound that shall never close as long as the world is in agony. Love is a crossroad, it is united with all people and nothing can separate it from them. 🙂"

8 Ιουν 2020

Cancellation of IkariaDance 2020 due to the COVID 19 pandemic

Our dear friens,
Our Project can not be realised this summer 2020 due to the unexpected situation of the last months that has caused so much suffering around the world. We are obliged to cancel it but we hope that we shall see you next year and we shall dance and enjoy our good company without fear!
Lots of courage and good health to all of you,

Christiana and the IkariaDance friends

An older video posted by Naomi, from Isral to keep the nice memories :)

13 Ιαν 2020

A wonderful 2019! A happy 2020 has just arrived to surprise us all!

A wonderful 2019! A happy 2020 has just arrived to surprise us all!

Thank you for wonderful moments shared in 2019! Here is a short video with photos from all our dancing of last year...

We wish to you the very best for 2020! We hope we shall all be healthy, strong, hopeful, creative and loving to each other to share more moments together....



9 Σεπ 2019

Christiana - 2019 events

In 2019 autumn we can see each other in ......

14.-15.9.2019 : Oslo 
28. - 29.9 Brussels (Research and glendi with the Οpa parea association after the dance workshop with Kalymnos dances)
Contact: Nicolas

2.11 : Munich, with the dance teachers Christos Theologos and Vangelis Tsarouhas. Organisation: Syllogos Aigaiou with Makis Karvounis and Sylvia Sandow dance association. Seminar and glendi with Etepo musicians!

Contact Sylvia: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009368622854

3.11 Dance workshop in Starnberg, Munich.  Contact: Christiana

16.11 Ikaria Days : workshop and glendi with Ikarian musicians in Brussels - fundraising for Ikaria's charity causes
 Contact: Birgit  https://www.facebook.com/birgit.urban.54

23.- 24.11. Dance workshop in Berlin.
Contact: Katrin   https://www.facebook.com/katrin.anger

8 Σεπ 2019

2019 IkariaDance Project - Thank you!

The 17th IkariaDance Project is now in our hearts and memories...

Arriving in Athens Monday morning, just some hours before going to work, I was thinking of all the beautiful moments shared and all the people who honoured us with their friendship, work and participation.
The list is big, and after all those years, we know well that written lists is not our "priority"...We prefer the personal contact. That's why, with all the nostalgy and sleepless spirit, I have been contacting my friends who make it possible for me to organise this Project and we have been discussing...remembering...laughing....
And late at night, when the body is complaining for more dancing, I play our musics and dance in my mind (or even alone! hi hi!)
A hearful thank you to Christos Theologos for his always touching work with a high feeling of responsibility and respect to the folk culture and to all participants sharing it ; also for mobilising the Etepo association 's creative "forces" and musicians and inspiring them to offer the best of themselves in Ikaria and our Project!
An enormous thank you to the dance teachers for their wonderful work : Nikos Koufakis, Makis Evangelou, Vangelis Tsarouhas, Stefanos Kyriazakos and Vangelis Frantzis. And to Kaiti Koullia for her amazing singing workshop. Thank you Maria Spanou for the Greek language Cafe animation and all invited guests : Abraham Vrachionidi, Valia Papagianni, Vassili Douri, Alexandra Kanellou, Yanni. Thank you Niko Kouvari for the Ikarian cooking workshop and Maria who helped! A special thank you to my teacher Rea Kakaboura who has been helping me discreetly but firmly all those years to realise the ethnological interest of this Project.
Thank you Vassili and Maria and Stelio for your full support, without you this would be impossible. Thank you Krinio, Andrea, Panayoti and Seva for your help as our Etepo orchestra in the singing and percussion workshops of the Project! And thanks to all the Etepo association's friends for joining us! Thank you Abraham for the photos and Artemis for the translation and all your amazing mood... I also want to thank Ioannis Plagiotakis, who although not present in Ikaria, was with us in heart and we were talking often about all ... We shall have him with us next year!
Thank you our friends from Ikaria, from Raches association and Agios Dimitrios association, the friends in the taverns that cooked for us and a special thank you to Dimitris Melis and Ikaria Holidays agency for all the organisational support and the good driving of our good drivers... Thank you to all the owners of the pensions we worked with in  Romantza, Kirki, Levante, Galini, Dolichi, Manto... and a special thank you to Dimitris Rigas and the Cavos Bay family for all their support all these 17 years...and our wonderful Marina at the reception.  And last but not least our musicians: Dimitris Spanos, Christina, Mimis, Stavros, Nondas, Nikos, Yannis, Giorgos, Asteris, Pavlos, Panayotis....And thanks to Lefteris Poulis (Skatzakas) who is there with us in a different way, we are waiting for you to play again for us!
And a heartful "Eucharisto!" to all our participants who came to Ikaria this year, and especially to the IkariaDance "friends ' club" who come every year for many years now, and help also in the organisation and better decision making! Thank you Martha, Frans, Martine, Annie, Nicola, Valerie, Josep, Howard, Liora, Uzi, Helge, Reidun, Regula, Gunn, Jonathan, Dorit, Elena, Nazan, Annick, Catherine...Thank you Sylvia and Makis for all the help and medical advice. Thank you Sophie for the french translations this year! 
And thank you to my husband and sons for all the love shared...

Yes, it is true...as the T-shirt says....
Η τσαμπούνα παίζει ωραία, άμα βρει κρασοπαρέα
βρε κι εμείς σ'αυτόν τον τόπο, εγλεντάμε μ' άλλον τρόπο
The bagpipe plays well when it finds a nice group friends drinking wine
and we, in this place, we have a special way to make our feasts...

I am reading your touching words in my ikarian tablecloth and think of all of you! Καλή αντάμωση! May we meet again, as we say in Greek...!